EXPO VII - 14th & 15th May 2011 - Anglesey

Arriving on site early morning on Friday to start setting up the FFA stand, we were welcomed by our Wales FFA area rep Gwilyn Jones & Meurig Williams. It looked as if they had all been here a few days working already as the main show areas had all been set out and fenced off ready for the exhibitors to arrive.
At the front of the FFA marquee was a fantastic collection of Fordson tractors owned by Allen Kelly.
When the FFA marquee was all organized and we had all had our cups of t, it was off for a wander around the show site. As we left the tractor area and headed towards the show ring, it became clear how big and how many other exhibitors & clubs were at this show.
There were vintage & classic cars, vintage commercial, motorcycles, stationery engines,Landrovers,   caravans, trade stalls, model & local craft marquees, a small tracked steam railway, push bikes, miniature steam engines aswell as the big boy’s steam engines in the bottom field. Which some had pulled sleeping wagons behind them.One had even low loaded his steam engine from Somerset.
During our stay in Anglesey, we stayed at the Bull Bay Hotel over on the other side of the island. The views from this hotel of the bay were breath taking & the food was superb, when Charlie the chef had finished making the breakfasts he was out in his boat, collecting lobster and shell fish from his pots for that evenings meals. Now thats what you call "fresh"
In the front garden was a tree with a face carved into it. Calvin told us this had been carved during one of their festivals by an artist using a chainsaw.Thank you to Calvin and your staff for making our stay with you one to be remembered for a long time.
Saturday morning Ernie and Hazel were out early, sorting in which order the tractors were parked and staking their entry numbers in the ground. This worked well as there wasn’t too much confusion and exhibitors found their places easily.
It was then back to the marquee to start signing the exhibitors all in, this was a continuous flow and before we knew it we had over 70 + tractors signed in and parked.
Saturday & Sunday weather was sunny with rain for most of the day. Gwilyn told me for the last 3 weeks there had been beautiful weather there. The weather didn’t put anyone off as the show areas were full with exhibitors and the show ground was buzzing with people.
Next to the tractor area was "Tractor Pulling" Anglsey style.This event was organized by Bryn Evans & Andrew Buckley.It was fantastic and drew a large crowd during the whole of the weekend.
12:15pm was vintage cars in the display arena. Again a good turn out of these lovely old cars.
12-30pm was "start your tractor engines time" as the Fordsons Expo tractors were in the ring for 12.45pm. AVES & FFA marshals lined the route from the tractor area to the ring to help get the tractors in & out quickly and every thing flowed very smoothly.
Once the tractors were in the centre of the display ring they were lined up by models. When Peter Love began his commentary that certain model of tractor that he was commenting on drove around the ring, First was N's then E27N's, Dexta, Majors, 1000,s.. This worked very well as the crowds could see the tractor models that Peter Love was commenting on, instead of tractors of all ages going around together.
Two laps of the display ring, then as they went out the next model started off around the ring.
This beautifully restored 1939 Industrial Chaseside with loading shovel owned by Steve Richards from Pentraeth, Anglesey.Used it's pulleys & cables to raised and lowered it's shovel whilst going around the display ring - it was fantastic to watch.
Next into the area were the big steam boys, what a fantastic sight. Once they had parked in the centre of the ring the crowds were invited in to have a closer look, this proved very popular with every body.
Back at the marquee it was time for a well deserved cup of T from our FFA T-ladies. Wendy Gibson & Margaret Kirk were working very hard. It seems driving your tractor around the ring makes you thirsty?.
Margaret and Morris Kirk were also busy helping people and members with FFA merchandise.
The FFA tombola again proved a great success and was going down very well,all prizes were donated by the FFA.
The members voting slips were coming in thick and fast. The categories were Best Unrestored Best Restored & Tractor the judge would most like to take home.
The presentation took place at 2pm on Sunday with our FFA Area Rep Gwilyn Jones announcing the winners.

FFA Expo VII - Catagory Winners



3rd - 1938 Fordson N - Cledwyn Hughes - Anglesey
2nd - 1960 Roadless Super Major - Arwell Roberts - Denbighshire
1st - 1953 Fordson E1A Major - D.M Jones - Anglesey


3rd - 1977 Roadless 120 - George Yarwood - Cheshire
2nd - 1960 Fordson Dexta MK2 - Paul Boake - Aberystwyth
1st - 1976 Ford 7000 - Stuart Handley - Cheshire

Tractor the Judges "would most like to take home"

1960 Fordson Dexta MK2 - Paul Boake - Aberystwyth

"Well Done" to you All

After the awards were given out it was surprise time for "Birthday Boy"
Neil Roberts from Mold - Wales
A fantastic cake was presented to him by his wife & “Happy Birthday” was sung by all. As you can see the cake is a smaller version of his beautifully restored 1939 Fordson N.
"Congratulations" to Neil, whom if I remember correctly was 38 years young.
This brought a lovely close to a really enjoyable & friendly Expo VII.
"Hello" to our new FFA helper Katie Boake, who sold tumbola tickets and served cups of T to everyone during the weekend.
Glad you enjoyed yourself Katie and “Well Done" to your Dad in winning the “Tractor the Judges would most like to take home” trophy.
The Ford & Fordson Association recieved a warm welcome from the people of Wales, our FFA Area Rep Gwilyn Jones plus the Chairman and Committee of the Anglesey Vintage Equipment Society - Cymdeithas Hen Gelfi Ynys Mon, who hosted the Hen Blas vintage Rally did everything possible to make it such a successful weekend.
Our thank's go to “ALL” who helped ,our FFA Area Rep Gwilyn Jones plus the Chairman and Committee of the Anglesey Vintage Equipment Society - FFA helpers Margaret & Morris Kirk, Peter Godwin, Margaret & Derek Badham, Rodney & Wendy Gibson, Ernie & Hazel Clark, to name but a few.
A Big "Thank you" from the Ford & Fordson Association and all it's members
to everyone who helped make the FFA Expo VII such a great event.
We hope to see you at our next EXPO VIII which we hope will take place at the ‘Power of the Past’ Rally, Wantisden Valley, Suffolk in September 2012.