Saturday 12th September Dutch FFA Ploughingmatch

On Saturday 12th september, we had the Dutch FFA ploughingmatch at the Hondsrug in Emmen
We had seven hectare of stubble to plough on and with kind permision of Mr Bennie Lubbers.
The soil was loam,  that means stones, we had an maximum depth of fifteen cm.
There was a lot of straw on the field and in the Netherlands it is not permitted to clear your plot you have to plough it as it is, this made ploughing not easy but good fun.
Twenty-one tractors came to compete on the day.
When all the ploughman had coffee, I bid them welcome and introduced them to the members of the jury
who were Mr. Henk Pras and Mr. Anko Broekema two greatly experiencend ploughman and I explained the rules.
After we hoist the flag we start ploughing with the openingfurrow the jury went round to look. Then they gave the sign and we could continue ploughing.
Andre Veldman with his Dexta                            German ploughman Gerd Hoffman
             Rare county rawler P6 owner Henk Beuker                        Nice pre Force 4000
Andre Hendriks start ploughing                             Old Fordson’s still going strong
At noon we had lunch done by our  lovely ladies Ineke Schoenmakers and Djoeke Hibma and everyone enjoy there meal.
After the lunch they went back to their plots and continue ploughing.
The oldest ploughman Piet Schoon 76 years old & Co looyensteijn keep an eye on the other competitors
At four o clock all the fields where black and the ploughs clean and loaded ready for he journey home.
Member of the jury Mr. Henk Pras announced the results:
Trailer Class:
1st: Menno de Graaf 
2nd: Henk Beuker
3rd:  Gerard Schoenmakers
Mounted Class:  
1st: Co Looyesteijn 
2nd: Derk Vos 
3rd: Andre Veldman
After the Congratulations and the pictures they all went home and it became quiet on the Hondsrug again.
We had a wonderful day and a big thanks to Mr. Bennie Lubbers, Djoeke and Jarich Hibma, my lovely wife Ineke.
Photos & Words : Gerard Schoenmakers