Dutch FFA ploughing 2017 - Saturday 2nd September.

We had the Dutch FFA ploughing match. This year we were in Zeijerveld
  ( Drenthe ) the field seven hectare wheat stubble was ideal for ploughing.
Twenty-five ploughman came on the day the weather was great so it looks as if it,ll be a lovely day. Then the ploughman arive oure ladies welkom them with coffee and cake a good start for a day ploughing.
After I gave them the instrution they took of to there plot when all were ready we gave the signal to start with the opening furrow.
The members of the jury went rond and the ploughman came for lunch and it was a good lunch they all enjoy it.
After lunch everyone went back to there plot to continue ploughing it was a great sight to see so many Ford / Fordson ploughing together ( only blue will do )
We saw good ploughing everyone was doing well.
After they finish there plot they clean the plough and tractor and put it all back on the trailers.
The jury had a difficult job but they came with the result .
Mounted Class 
1st & Overal winner: Co Looiensteyn
2nd: Dirk Vos with his wonderfull Dearborn.
3rd: Rienko Koburg aim for his marker
Trailer Class 
1st: Menno de Graaf
2nd:  Harm Bonder ploughin for 2nd place
3rd: Habe Vedder
     Left to Right: Menno de Graaf:1st trailer - Co Looyenstijn:1st mounted
Harm Bonder:2nd trailer - Rabe Vedder:3rd trailer - Dirk Vos:3rd mounted
  Rienko Koburg: 2nd mounted
We had a great day the man were satisfied and we hope to see them all back in 2018.
Many tanks to the landowner Jan van der Spoel : contractor Henk Boutsema :  great help from Piet Schoon and Jarich Hibma and of course our ladies Ineke and Djoeke for the catering.
Gerard Schoenmakers