Ford and Fordson Dutch Ploughing Competition 


Held 20th Oktober  2018 in Slochteren in the North of the Netherlands.

This event was previously organised by Gerard Schoenmaker and supported by Jarich Hibma, but, after 11 years, Gerard thought it was time for someone else to take the helm. Jans Stevens and Foppe Drent have taken on the role with support from Gerard and Jarich.
After some time of preparation there was the Ford and Fordson team competition.
Following a word of thanks to Gerard and Jarich and the landowner, the competition commenced; it was on peat colony potato soil that was very dry. The potato tops were very hard to cut and some of the participants were very bothered by it, as it was sometimes difficult to keep straight and to also keep the plough in the ground. Nevertheless, the regional blacksmith mounted ploughs performed well, as did Dreesman and Platex, so there were surprising competition winners.
Foppe Drent and his Ford 3055 with Lien 3 furrow mounted plough.
This Fordson Major L4 Perkins with 3 furrow Dreesman mounted black smith plough belongs to Jurrie Potze.
Diand Nicolai ploughing happily into 3rd place in the Trailed Class
Vintage Class
First - Reint Lingbeek with a Ford 3000 pre-force with a Platex 2 furrow
Second - Co Looyenstein with a Fordson Dexta with Dearborn 2
Third - Hans Bos with a Ford 5000 pre force with a Piatex 2 furrow
Trailed Plough Class
First - Roelof Mennega
Second - Dreesman team, Menno de Graaf with a Fordson F with 2 furrow Ransomes
Third - Dinand Nicolai with a Rabewerk 2 furrow
Reversible Plough Class
First - Cor Dam with a Ford 3000 with Goudland reversible plough
Second - Marcus Weening with Ford 5000 pre force select-o-speed with a Niemeier 2 furrow reversible plough
We had a class with only one entry and he was  Jaap Dam with a Ford 4000 and  a Ransomes TSR 300 2 furrow reversible - he was awarded first prize!
All in all, it was a very successful day, the weather was good and everyone we spoke to enjoyed themselves. We look forward to the event being repeated in the future.