1961 Jones KL15 Mobile Crane

Jones Began making cranes in the 1930's. At their peak in the 1970's the company were producing mobile Truck & Crawler cranes with lifting capacities of up to 40 tons.
Jones Cranes ( Part of the 600 serise) were called upon to provide mobile cranes for many jobs that needed to be done during World War II. On demand from the War Office, Jones Cranes produced 180 cranes from their Letchworth Foundry in just 25 weeks. These were for the build up of "D-Day" and ofcourse the work was top secret.
Above photo shows testing of the cranes & a barge that has just landed at the beach of Arromanches, Normandy on D-Day. This is being unloaded by one of the Jones Cranes that the War Office ordered.

The KL was the baby in the Jones range. Because of it's compactness it was often used in urban areas and know as the "Street Crane". It could straddle a trench, lifting excavated materials into dumpers and lowering pipes. The large winch drum of the KL15 could hold up to 150 feet of cable and this also allowed it to work at the top of tunnel shafts again lifting out soil and lower materials down to the miners below very often beneath busy city streets,aswell as steel erecting during the re-building of many buildings after the war.
Jones Cranes ceased trading in the 1980's due mainly to foreign competion.
Dave Booners Restoration of his 1961 KL Jones 15 Mobile Crane

The KL15 was rescued from going to a scrapyard, it was one of two that I purchased in 2010. The idea behind this was 2 machines, twice as many spares . . . hopfully!
                        As I found it in headgerow                                 Stripped to the King Pin
                                                                                     Testing things out near
                Shot blasted and waiting for panels                     Daves Home in New Forest
Restored in Jones colours. The folding jib is my modification
to reduce overhang on my trailer and to make it easier travelling to shows
L/Col Dave Bonner's certificate for a "Instruction of Jones Cranes" that he took while in the Services
24th June 1960. Well Done Dave!

Dave travelled up from the New Forest to give the KL15 it's first showing since being restored at the 2012 Kent Heritage Show.
Dave enjoying himself on his KL15 Crane
You can always find Dave Bonner playing around with his KL15 Crane, as he is here in the
Heritage / Working section of the Kent County Shows. 
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