Worlaby, North Lincolnshire.

17th October 2010

With the new Ford and Fordson Association flags flying high and the bright sun light that was to
remain all day the third FFA Ploughing Championships were to be a rip roaring success.
What a welcome we all got as we arrived at the Barton Upon Humber Ploughing Society’s 33 Annual Ploughing Tournament at Northwold Farm, Worlaby Top, near Brigg. If more people welcomed you at the gate like they did here I am sure more  people would want to attend an event like this.
First impressions are so important and that was certainly the case here, we drove to the top area of this vast site that looks across the Humber estuary where the Ford and Fordson Ploughing Championship was to take place. We were greeted by Sian and Roger Ingham the FFA ploughing supremeo who had got the event all together so well and so enthusiastically at that.
Roger was in a good frame of mind having sold a ‘cutaway’ Nuffield 3/42 at reasonable  money from the Cheffins, Sutton sale the day before. Chairman and Judge Peter Godwin was here with the wonderful trophies and David Caley was doing his bit and workingvery hard.



The mist and thick fog had all burnt off when the ploughman lined up on their plots. Mick Cherry from Bedford had driven up from Bognor the previous day on the Sussex coast where he won the event

and qualified for the 2011 National Ploughing Championships. In fact the FFA have already have volunteers to organize our stand at the 20111 National and the accompanying FFA tractor display as well.


My hat goes off to Mick and his Fordson F Ransomes RSLD 9. This must be the oldest tractor ploughing regularly in the world today and that has got to be some kind of record to say the least.  As everyone knows the F is so high geared and temperamental to run.

Not so for Mick the tractor runs a treat and it’s even more amazing to see the work he does with the wheel cleats on at that. I know the highlight of the FFA chairman Peter Godwin was seeing the tractor work and of course Mick was the defending FFA Supreme Champion.

The only place quite frankly you see a Fordson N in number is at a ploughing event like this one and even if many were well modified and some with modern pattern rear tyres, that’s not the point it’s the ploughing that counts and the work done by the Ransomes plough and the men behind them was first class. Roger had done so well in phoning, talking and getting the people here from Devon to Scotland they were here and The Netherlands as well even though G Shoenmaker retired with a fuel problem .


National runner-up and former champion Ray Alderson was getting on much better here and was to take all before him in the trailed class, but Derek Lloyd was not far  behind, but bursting through late on to take second of course was Mick Cherry, with Mick Osborne fourth, Dan Bartlle fifth and Brian Saville sixth.      


My favorite Classic Hydraulic class machine was the so original Fordson Dexta Pre Force 2000.

It had been bought by Tom Easter from Wakefield off e-bay the previous Monday for £2,400

and was a gem you only find occasionally and is a standard model without the instrument head. 

His brother Darren was also ploughing well with his 3000, but the man in form was David Tomlinson who had finished third at the National was to  take all before him classic wise here.




Second was Mike Childerley with his very original 4000 who does such an excellent job for the vintage and classic ploughing movement at a high level and third was Roger Ingham who not only had the pressure of making sure things went well, but was a keen competitor  himself and he was to have a much better day that he had at the National the weekend before.


In the Vintage Mounted section the Dexta and Majors were what it was all about at the head end

with TS59 and so on at the back end. Here Ian Berriman was to come good with his 1959 Dexta and the top end plots was where the results were coming from in fact Ian was  some 24 points ahead of the opposition at the end of the day.


At the end of the day the judges decided that Ray Alderson was the 2010 FFA Supreme Champion from County Durham congratulations Ray you are a worthy winner. Thanks must go to RJ and AE Godfrey along with Barton upon Humber Ploughing Society for their generosity and help in hosting this year’s championship.



The new FFA flags debuted at the National Ploughing Championship at Lincoln on 9-10 October. Thanks to all the efforts of FFA ploughing director Roger Ingham and his partner  Sian the flags flew high above the stand and certainly looked the part. They were also seen at the FFA Championship some 35 miles up the road at Barton upon Humber the following weekend and lastly at the Scottish National Ploughing Championship, Jedburgh, Scotland on October 24-25. Thank you Roger, all your      efforts are greatly appreciated. 


              Well done & Thank you to "every body " who has been involved in the FFA Ploughing

                        season 2010. We are looking forward to an even better 2011 season.     




2010 FFA Supreme Champion: Raymond Alderson


Best Tractor: Richard Wilson - Fordson Dexta


                                                       FFA Classic Mounted Championship


                                                       1-plot 6            D Thomlinson        236

                                                       2-plot 2            M Childerley          217

                                                       3-plot 1            R Ingham               215


                                                         FFA Trailer Plough Championship


                                                      1-plot 9            R Alderson             222

                                                      2-plot 1            M Cherry                216

                                                      3-plot 5            D Lloyd                   207


                                                       FFA Vintage Mounted Championship


                                                       1-plot 13             I Berriman           230

                                                       2-plot 10             R Wilson               206

                                                       3-plot 9               D Walker              199

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