The Yorkshire Vintage Association Show 2010. Newby Hall, Ripon, Yorkshire.

12th - 13th June 2010



Blue Stands Firm at Newby Hall

Newby Hall is becoming the bastion of events for our northern Ford and Fordson Association members and 2010 was to provide an excellent gathering for all again. 
The Yorkshire Vintage Association under Richard Sturdy and secretary David Ayres has done the tractor movement proud with this fine event that featured approximately 400 tractors of all ages.
It included the best line-up of veteran and vintage that’s been seen on the circuit this year, which is what this event is principally all about. 
There were also many other machines and ages here to make this an excellent show in a superb setting at Newby Hall, Ripon, East Yorkshire.
The weather was excellent on Saturday 12th June, it rained heavily in the night but stopped in time for the punters to come through the gate on Sunday 13th June.
Again the Ford and Fordson Association had the biggest show of tractors with over a 100, including one or two new restorations. Thanks to the efforts of Roger Ingram the FFA stand was manned well. However for 2011, "We need to have more helpers here please".
It was appropriate that on display was the ex John Moffett MOM Fordson F, thought to be the second oldest in the UK today. Belonging to John Metcalfe it ran a treat, as did Philip Ireland’s 1919 example that came from the neighbouring county of Lancashire. Tom Lowther and his Northrop 5004 was also part of the display aswell as Ron Hughes and his lovely Roadless Dexta. There were some lovely tractors from Kenneth Bell and his many friends, even a couple debuting at the event.
In fact the 1000 series line was superb with two 2000; seven 3000; three; 4000 and three 5000’s besides two 7810 Jubilees.
Newby Hall are to have a special ‘blue’ tractor theme in 2011, which takes place on 11-12th June and is to be run by our FFA ploughing suprememo Roger Ingham. Full details are shown  in the SHOWS & EVENTS section of this website.