1950 Nicholsons Type B.P.I Baling Press

Ownerd by: Mr. J. Collinge
Originaly the Press was designed to be driven through V ropes, from a 3 1/2 HP paraffin engine mounted on the frame (as shown above). It can also be fitted with a counterhaft, which makes it suitable to be driven by a tractor. At a later date electric motors were available.
The feeding head has been specially designed and is driven by links to keep it raised / open at it's full stroke for a unusual length of time. This is to allow the operative more time to put the next full forkload over the bailing chamber, before the bailers feeding heads tuck it into position for the ram to operate. This is very important as the bailers feeding area must have a full load for the ram to work efficiently & get maximun output for the farmer.That is why this type of bailer was very sought after because of it extra time with the bailer chamber open for loading.
In the early days this smaller bailer machine was favoured by farmers as it could be operated by one person. This meant he didnt have to get contractors in to do the work.