From The Chair NO: 67 - July 2015:
The Club got off to a racing start at the opening event of the year. Tractor World, at the Three Counties Showground at Malvern, held on 14th and 15th March, with what I'm sure was the Club's best ever display there.  Even the judges agreed, for a change and awarded the Ford and Fordson Association's stand the first prize for the "Best Club Stand in the Show". 



At this point I must say that I cannot thank our ladies enough for the unstinting support that they give us, not just at Malvern but throughout the year at shows up and down the country, serving members refreshments and selling Club merchandise. Most are not committee members and without their unflagging support the Club and its members would be much the poorer.  Make no mistake it is they who make the Club the friendly, family one that it is and that, I'm convinced, is the real basis of the Club's success.



Malvern was also another first for us this year as we held our Annual General Meeting during the event at midday on the Sunday. In the past we have held the AGM at various venues around the country as 'stand alone' events, but the cost of travelling resulted in falling numbers making the journey. Your committee felt that as many members either exhibit or attend Tractor World we should try holding an AGM there to gauge members response. Please do let us know what you think of the experiment, if you would like it to become a permanent fixture or not, its up to you. 


There is a full report of the meeting on the website and I have to say that I think the financial statement speaks volumes for the progress that the Club has made over the last three and a half years.  This is due in no small measure to your continued support and to the hard work that the committee has put in on your behalf.


The Eastern Counties Vintage Show 
Held on 11 and 12th April at the Norfolk Showground was the next Club outing there we shared a hall with David Brown tractors. 
The theme this year was tractor conversions and many on show were really very nicely built, and must have taken many hours to construct. The Club had a busy show with some interesting tractors on the stand; I particularly liked the three Fordson row crops, and the interesting line up of E1A Majors spanning from 1953 to near the end of production with a nice American 5000 look alike amongst them. Congratulations to Club member Ian Prince on being awarded the prize for the judges Choice of best Ford and Fordson tractor in the Show.  Many of you will know Ian and his ex Pool ferry tractor


The tractor pulling proved popular, despite the wind, and I liked the pre 1930 tractor shed and there was a much larger commercial vehicle section than in the past, in all plenty to see.


From around the Country:


Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet - Saturday 31st January & Sunday 1st February 2015:
Pat Bryne reports that thousands of tractor enthusiasts flocked to the Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet on Saturday 31st January and Sunday1st February for the annual Somerset Vintage & Classic Tractor Show.
About 200 vintage and classic tractors were on display at this indoor tractor show. As always the Ford and Fordsons were very popular at the show, with 21 Fordsons and 14 Fords on display, ranging from Bernie Weaver's 1940 Fordson Standard and Nick Bryne's 1944 N Industrial to a 1964 Roadless 6/4 with Duncan cab owned by Jake Hooper and 1964 Roadless 6/4 owned by Mike Mitchell


Isle of Wight Classic Tractors Working Day 14th March 2015:
David Lemonius writes: The 7th Annual Working Day held by Isle of Wight Classic Tractors took place at Mottistone Manor Farm near Brighstone by kind permission of Todd and Jackie Carder on Saturday 14th March 2015.
Some 25 Tractors of varying make and vintage took part in this now well established annual working day ploughing and cultivating.

Full Report & Photos


Andrew Green from Devon writes :-
I must begin by saying how excellent the Tractor World Show at Malvern has become and it's a credit to the organisers.  I also want to add that I attended our own FFA AGM on the Sunday of the Show and I want to pay tribute to Pat Pawsey, our Chairman and all of the FFA Committee and say what a great job they are doing for us, the membership. I last attended the AGM when it came to Bristol in 2011 and at that time our Association was upside down both structurally and financially and the current FFA Committee have turned it around and now have it on a very sound footing. All of us members should be very proud of them!!
I should also like to say that the FFA stand at the Show was brilliant, very welcoming, friendly and interesting and congratulations to all concerned!
Now looking ahead, several of our members are booked in for the Devon County Show on 21st to 23rd May at Westpoint Arena, Exeter and we would be delighted if you're coming along, to drop by and say hello! We hope that last year's weather upset will not affect this year's attendance and I look forward to meeting some of you at some time over the 3 days and let's wish for good weather. That's all for now!
Kent County Showground, Maidstone - Saturday 28th March 2015:
Ernie Clark writes; with the Kent County Showground's new Astor Pavilion Exhibition Hall and surrounding outside areas full to capacity with vehicles and exhibitors of all kinds from vintage, classic and prototype cars, motorcycles, pushbikes and tractors this proved to be a bigger and better show than lasts year's superb one.
Rod ,Wendy, Conrad and Ken had the FFA Area set up Friday evening and early Saturday morning with their own and members tractors on display, information boards and merchandise out for all to see.
Forthcoming events:
Dacorum steam and Country Faye:
John Worley tells us that this year 's rally will be held 25th 26th July @ Potton End, Hemel Hempstead ,HP1 2SG All entries to Kevin Elding 01442 253279This show is one of the main shows for Ford and Fortson in the county we look forward to welcoming new and regular exhibitors..  The rally website is .
Expo XI to be held on 31st July to 2nd August at the Gloustershire Extravaganza at South Cerney;
We hope to welcome many of you to the Club's stand at this year's Expo; there was even an entry form in the last magazine to make life easier for those who don't like computers so there really is no excuse for not bringing a tractor.  All the Ford and Fordson tractors will be grouped together which, to my mind, makes a much better display.  I look forward to seeing you there.
The Great Dorset Steam Fair to be held on Wednesday 2nd to Sunday 6th September:.  I have just received the entry packs from Stuart Cotton and our next job when I've finished writing this is to send them out, it looks as if there will be space for nearly everyone who has asked to come and we shall certainly have an interesting line up for you.  It will be more to my taste as this year we will have tractors built in the U.S.A., Cork and Dagenham as well as Basildon, in fact from the Fordson F to the end of Ford's tractor production, something for everyone and some really nice tractors again.
Lets hope that the weather is kinder this year, but we really can't have a repeat of last year so soon can we?
Other Events:
Please do keep an eye on the 'What's Going On" section of the Ford and Fordson Association's website.  Ernie puts a lot of time into keeping this up to date for your benefit, so don't tell me that you didn't know such and such an event was happening it really is up to you to have a look for yourself.  AND please email Ernie information about forthcoming events in your area and he will be pleased to receive reports of rallies you have been to.  I know I've said this before but it is your Club and we rely on you for feedback, it's a two way process.
From Australia:
I was recently in touch with Dawn and Barry Milson from Victoria who very kindly send me their club's magazine "Power on the Land".  I had noticed that Australian Dextas have the upright exhaust outside the bonnet and there is no hole for one.   I enquired about this and they also commented on the Club pages in the last magazine, I thought their reply would be of interest to you.  It does sound as if things are very similar in Australia with Barry putting a Perkins 4-270 in and here in the UK me taking mine out which will probably end up in an E27N as well. It somehow makes Australia not seem so far away.
Dawn and Barry write: Yes, the Dexta exhausts on the Australian tractors were outside the bonnet.
Manifold Gaskets:  Ford sold a compound called 'EM4G-14', which could be used in place of Manifold Gaskets for the diesel and petrol engine.  It wasn't available for use in the Kerosene engine. The Gasket to suit a Super Major with the Petrol engine is Part No. E1ADN 9448B.  This was used from April 1957 onwards.   Another Gasket was simply a sheet of Copper, as it was found the normal Gasket was too efficient and didn't let enough engine heat through to the Manifold.
The date April 1957 was also the changeover for Distributor Caps.  Cap E1ADKN 12116 (Lucas 418859) became obsolete and was replaced by Part No. EOTA 12116 (Same as Consul Car) and ran through to the end of production.
We do from time to time have enquiries for the Lucas 418859 Distributor Cap, If it is any help we can put a notice in the next issue of 'Power On The Land'
I have just brought home a Perkins 4-270 and I hope I have all the fittings for it to go into an E27N, as always it will be a long-term project.
My petrol Super Major is running nicely now and the governor is working properly, the manifold gasket which was part of the problem is one made from three standard staggered port gaskets and works fine, but thanks to Dawn I have the part number for the proper one.  It's no longer embarrassing to drive it at shows as the spluttering and occasional back firing has stopped.  I must remember that it is not a diesel and stop it by simply turning the ignition off rather than pulling the choke out as I did at Norwich, a "senior moment?"