Club News - No:6 December 2012


"From The Chair"


Newark Vintage Tractor & Heritage Show:

  Those of you who visited us liked our new marquee and it was even pleasant enough to sit outside with a cup of tea at times - not bad for November.  Many members' tractors were in the Feature marquee and elsewhere rather than on the FFA stand however the prize shelf was not bare as Margaret Badham won 'The best tractor entered by a lady' with her lovely little 1942 Fordson N industrial.

Tony Patten our DVLA Registrar:

Tony Patten has been doing an excellent job for us, as those who have used his services will vouch.  He has helped me with a couple and the last one I spent only ten minutes in the local DVLA office including waiting time - is this a record? . The bad news is that due to the rising costs, mostly of postage, Tony regretfully has to increase his charges by a very modest £1.00. I am sorry to have to announce this increase but it is still excellent value for money.


Some Forthcoming Events for 2013:

You will all be planning which shows you are going to attend this year and I must mention a few that deserve serious consideration.

Tractor World 2nd & 3rd March:

The season gets off to a cracking start with Tractor World at Malvern, you have probably read that Kelsey have franchised the running of this to Mark Woodward - "Concentrating on Their Core Business" is what I believe it is called in modern business speak. He tells me that he has lots of new ideas so the layout will be changed.  It had got a bit tired recently so a new broom is no bad thing.  Looking at his list of events it is plain that Mark is seriously into 'Autojumbles' so that could really add an interesting dimension.
All those who have put on their entry forms that they will be placing their tractors with us will receive a laminated 'Log Sheet' for their tractor when they arrive.  If you forgot to specify that you want to be with us please let Keith Broomhall know he can be contacted on 01379 677866 (after 8.00 p.m.).  If he is out leave a message but do give your entry and contact details.


Eastern Counties Vintage Tractor & Heritage Spectacular 20th & 21st April:

The show had its debut last year and was a great success. I gather that there will be major improvements to the layout this year and that one idea is to put tractors of the same make together rather than artificially separate them by 'Clubs'.  I have to say this makes sense to me as the paying public are interested in the tractors not petty politics!  This does not mean that we shall not have a stand, we will and members will, as always, be very welcome to come and have a chat, a cup of tea and a seat .
The show was very well attended last year and the Pre-1930's tractor section was simply not to be missed.  Once again put Ford & Fordson on your entry sheet and we will bring a laminated 'Log Sheet' for you.
Please let Keith Broomhall know, he can be contacted on 01379 677866 (after 8.00 p.m.).  If he is out leave a message but do give your entry and contact details.


Yorkshire Vintage Association Show - Newby Hall & Gardens 8th & 9th June:

This is a splendid site and Roger Ingham, the FFA ploughing director, together with our stalwarts Derek & Margaret Badham will be manning the FFA stand there, the theme is Ford & Fordson tractors and Ransomes ploughs.  Many of you will remember our Expo held in 2007 on this site, which was a huge success.  I know that some of our more 'Northern' members complain that we don't do anything North of Watford but that just isn't true, as you will see next years AGM is near York; so get your Newby Hall entries in early and enjoy. Details from Roger Ingham on 01937531532 or from the website in due time.


FMPS Rally at Long Melford 6th & 7th July:

Just a reminder for those that have not been to this one yet, it will be our third year with an FFA stand. The number of members attending grows each year and we have again been promised our own ring parade.  This is personally one of my favourite rallies.  By the way it no longer clashes with Annie Chapman's 'Pink Ladies' run.


FFA Expo IX 2013 to be held at Welland Steam & Country Rally on 26th, 27th & 28th July:

This years Expo IX will be held at Welland. There was a report in last months magazine, it is a splendid rally so if you don't normally go give it a try. There will be more about this in the next magazine.


The Club's 2013 AGM:

It is always difficult to find a suitable venue as the distance members have to travel is obviously a major factor determining their attendance.  Your Committee always tries to find somewhere with an interesting display or some other attraction of interest to members.  This has to be coupled with an affordable cost for the venue and catering, together with reasonable access - not easy, as I'm sure you will agree.  The only practical way is to move the venue around the country and we have held them in the South for arguably too long, so this year we are going to 'The Yorkshire Museum of Farming" at Murton near York.
The date will be 27th October, put a note in your new diaries now!  I'm told that it is a fascinating venue and why not make a weekend of it, there are lots of other attractions in the area not least The National Railway Museum in York.