Great Dorset Steam Fair 29th August to 2nd September 2012.

Once again Margaret and Derek manned the Club stand in the static tractor area and apart from the Wednesday when there was torrential rain, they received a steady stream of members. The show was successful for with many joining the FFA from as far afield as Australia.
The 1952 Fordson E83W owned by Tesian Thomason on the stand was simply splendid as was the F owned by Philip & Wendy Ireland.
After the rain of Wednesday the site was very muddy, but Friday and Saturday were bright and thankfully dry.  I found the Irish 1930 Fordson N owned by A Bowman with level taps in the sump interesting, there was no provision for a dip stick on the bell housing. I cannot recall seeing another and would be
interested in hearing if any member knows of one of that year or earlier.
I have included some photos of this and an F for comparison.
Fordson Model N with taps

Fordson Model F with taps

You can contact me on land line 01787 277316 -  mobile 0797 74952739 - Email: Pat Pawsey 
By Post: P.Pawsey (FFA Chairman), Upper Farm, Ovington, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 8LD as I would enjoy  hearing from you about this Tap topic.
My congratulations go to Margaret and Derek for winning the "John Hall Fordson Shield" with their 1942 ex RAF industrial N, it nicely rounded off a successful show for them in spite of the weather.
As always at Dorset there are lots going on and it is nearly impossible to see everything, those who only come for one day have to be very selective.  I haven't got round to visiting the showmen's engine line up at night for the last two years it is a must do for next year, nothing like it to be seen anywhere else!
Finally a pic. or two of one of our members Ken Bailey on the wrong tractor, still he seems to be enjoying himself in the working area and I have to confess the tractor is mine.
Words & Photo's
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