The Showfield, Swavesey, Cambridgeshire on Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd July

This years Expo VIII was held at The Showfield, Swavesey, Cambridgeshire on Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd July. It is a relatively new rally just off the A14 West of Cambridge.  The week had been wet and frankly I feared another cancellation, but this was not to be.
Ray and Vander Parcell held their nerve and the event went ahead, the site drying up as the weekend progressed. We had a marquee provided by the organisers, and an interesting turn out of members’ tractors. 
The Club again had its own parade that was superbly compared by our past chairman Peter Godwin. Ernest Doe kindly provided a New Holland T2710 in Maserati Blue driven to the site courtesy of Edwin Palmer, an impressive beast. Max Cherry on his F with Plough implement & FFA Chairman Pat Pawsey on his E27N enjoying their way to display ring for the FFA afternoon Parade.
The marquee was not in the best position but this was simply because the intended site was on lower ground that was waterlogged due to the rain on the Friday. Ray & Vander Parcells had to think on their feet and change the layout to suite the conditions and under the circumstances they did a very good job.



All Catagories were Judged by Exhibitors & Members.

Tractor The Judges Would Like To Take Home

  1st. George Yarwood - 1980 Roadless 78
2nd Rodney Broadley 1964 Ford 4000 Major
3rd. G. Hemmins Fordson Major KFD 68
Others commended: Pat Pawsey, Michael Rolls, New Holland, Max Cherry, Simon Boreham and  Edwin Palmer.
Best Restored Tractor

1st Simon Boreham 1963 Fordson New Performance Super Major
2nd Stuart Bailey 1946 Fordson E27N Major
3rd Keith & Angie Canham 1937 Fordson N Longwing
Others commended: Margaret Badham, Michael Rolls, Simon Smart, Rodney Broadley, George Yarword and Peter Whitbread
Best Un-Restored Tractor

1st. Max Cherry 1927 Fordson F & Plough
2nd Ricky Pavitt 1938 Fordson Standard N
3rd Pat Pawsey 1950 Fordson E27N (P6)
Others commended: Phil Semmens & O. Underwood.
It was a successful rally for us and the venue was chosen in line with our policy of moving round the country.  Next year’s EXPO is scheduled to probaly be at the Welland rally; I attended the rally for the first time last year and can thoroughly recommend it.
   Words & Photo's