Fordson Tractor Day & Meeting at Catani & Modella, Victoria, Australia

31st October 2010

Wet and cool conditions greeted the Club Members that arrived in the local Gippsland area on the Saturday and with approximately 124 points or 31ml of rain falling during Saturday night it was very damp underfoot.
On Sunday morning, members and their families arrived at the Modella Hall in fine rain, which luckily didn't reappear until late afternoon.  With a large and colourful Fordson Club banner on display on the front of the hall, it couldn't be missed from the road.
As everyone gathered in the hall, they greeted old friends and were invited to share a delicious Morning Tea which consisted of freshly baked scones with jam & cream as well as hot buttered savoury scones.  Cups of tea and coffee were welcomed by all, especially those who had travelled long distances to attend.
Club photo albums & books belonging to the club and its members were on display for all to view. The ladies were not forgotten either, as Glenys Van Boxtel and Lynne Gaskell put on a beautiful display of handmade quilts. The corners of the hall absolutely ‘glowed’ with the beautiful colours and wonderful needlework of the twenty quilts & table runners on show.
At the front of the hall, the large flag of our sponsors ‘Bepco Australasia’ hung side by side with our ‘Fordson’ flag. At 11am everyone was asked to be seated for the General Meeting. Club Business was then discussed for the next hour.
Following the Meeting lunch was served, once again the catering by the ladies was superb. There were home cooked meats with many salads and this was followed by five different exotic sweets.  This choice ensured many returned for seconds of the tempting desserts.
As we finished our meal, our Club President Geoff Beattie and Secretary Dawn Milsom presented ‘Fordson Club’ plates to our hosts, Glenys and Bert Van Boxtel, Lynne and Brian Gaskell, and thanked them for organising the day. We then had the raffle for the three prizes that were kindly donated - a Fordson tractor cushion featuring a New Major, a set of three Fordson Tractor mugs and a Driza-Bone man's wallet.
Time for a final chat before being called together and to move off to Glenys and Bert's property to see their tractor collection. Although outside the wind was brisk and dark clouds covered the sky, the rain held off.
Bert had his tractors all out in rows for us to see. The collection included a Fordson Super Dexta, Super Major, New Major Diesel, New Major Kero Rowcrop, E27N P6's, E27N Petrol/Kero, E27N L4 Perkins and the stars of the collection were his County Tractors. These consisted of County Super 4, County Super 6, County 654, County 754, a part County Super 6, a stationary p6 Engine as well as his modern working tractors. As usual the Club members checked out all the differences found in many of the Fordson tractors.
It was now time to move on down the road to Lynne and Brian Gaskell's to view his collection. Brian had prepared for the rain and left all his tractors under cover of his shed.
Brian's tractors included 4 x Fordson E27N's, a Fordson Model N and a Fordson Model F as well as Farmalls, Nuffield, Allis Chalmers, Massey Ferguson. Two of Brian's E27N's, one being a Fordson Rowcrop were driven out of the shed and put on show outside.
After the men had their final look around they joined the ladies in another shed where a lovely Afternoon Tea was being served. We all warmed ourselves up with hot tea and coffee.
Late afternoon as the rain started to drizzle, signalled the time for some of our members to depart. It was great to see so many club members attend from N.S.W and all areas of Victoria.
We would also like to thank the three new enthusiasts who turned up after reading a small article placed in ‘The Weekly Times’ newspaper. One of our local papers the ‘Packenham Gazette’ also did a very interesting two-page feature on Bert's dairy farm, his Fordson collection and The Fordson Tractor Club.
Our thanks to Glenys, Bert, Lynne and Brian for hosting this tractor day and inviting us all to view their tractor collections.