The Grand Henham Steam Rally 15th  & 16th September 2012

The pageant this year was 'Ford & Fordson - the history of a Major Tractor icon'. To quote from the programme: -
"This presentation organised in conjunction with the Ford & Fordson Association will tell the history of one of the UK's leading tractor manufacturers.  Ford and Fordson tractors have always had a strong association with East Anglia, particularly as their development and manufacturing base was located in Essex.  It is hoped to tell the history of Ford through the models they produced from the earliest days to the present."
This all started with a 'phone call from Adam Collacott at the beginning of February outlining the objectives and asking if the FFA would be interested in helping to achieve them.  My reply was that of course we would be delighted to assist and then, with a quite masterly stroke, passed all the work to Keith Broomhall.
Keith came up trumps and we had a really good show of tractors, two model F's, courtesy of Roger Desborough, one featuring a P6 put in many years ago.
Barry Dear's 1942 N & plough, T Murry's 1938 N on French & Hetch wheels & Something different a Power Major with Mercedes engine
Roger Desborough's Twin City 40 joinning in as part of the Pagent Parade
I just liked the slogan, signwritten on the side of this steam truck
" The Wolf Brewery - Howlin Good Beer"
A good range of N's and E27N's were also on display together with the last tractor products from Dagenham the E1A Majors and its little brother the Dexta.  Included were fine examples of both 4 & 6 cylinder Roadless Ploughmasters from George Hunt.  Nor was Basildon production overlooked with many examples from the 1000 series including a fine Silver Jubilee 8710 and finally a monster New Holland T 8390 supplied by Ernest Doe.
Words & Photo's
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