The Ford & Fordson Association

 is a successful club and because of this, event organisers, and members ask us to attend their shows.

  Taking a stand, the merchandise, providing teas and coffee and manning it

not to mention organising any display does not happen by magic.  The trouble is that too few are
prepared to help and most of those that do are getting on in years.
Talking to other clubs and societies they have the same problem, which is the ever increasing average
age of committee members and helpers, means that they no longer have the energy or strength that
they used to possess.  They still enjoying what they do but feel able to do rather less of it, of course,
one can't help getting older, speaking personally I have yet to find any benefit though. 
On the other hand, the young are not to blame as they have families to bring up and their careers to
build.  Looking back, I recall cash was tight and my priorities and interests have changed over the years.  There was never quite enough time and although the world has changed dramatically there are still only twenty four hours in a day.
I make no apology for raising this problem again but, this is your Club, and make no mistake, its future is entirely in your hands.  If you want the Club to have a stand, at as many shows as in recent years,
members will have to step up and help, they will find the experience rewarding and fun.  The trick is
simple enough people make light work of any job so please contact your local representative or any committee member. Otherwise the Club's stand will be at les events, or as your mother told you 'Many
hands make light work'.
FFA Chairman
                        Latest Show report : Kent Heritage Show   
A frosty cold start to the day with 7am open gates / set up time for exhibitors with their pride and joys.
As usual the Kent Heritage Show had on display a vast range of vehicles from Tractors, classic / vintage
Cars and Motorbikes, Army vehicles of all sorts........... Full Report & Photos Click here.

In the Chair January 2022 -  Issue 108 April - May 2022

Christophe's passion for Ford and Fordson:
Christophe Famelart is a Belgian member of the Ford & Fordson Association and a passionate collector of blue tractors.  Wouter Croquey, the FFA representative for Belgium, went to visit Christophe last Summer and discovered a beautiful collection of tractors, carefully taken care of by a man with a real love for Ford, Fordson and their derivatives that all started with father's E27N P6.


Isle of Wight Classic Tractors Charity Road Run - 28th December, from David Lemonius: 
After an absence of 24 months the day dawned bright but windy, not unusual for the Isle of Wight and thankfully the rain stayed off until early afternoon. We chose a different venue for the start, The Fighting Cocks Inn at Hale Common, Arreton. They have a large Car Park, which we filled with 68 Tractors of all shapes and sizes, sizes being the operative word.  When we first started these tractor runs about 10 years ago the biggest was probably the Dutra but are now seeing some monsters of 250hp plus. 

2022 Shows & Events

21st - 22nd May Tractor World, Malvern.
 Contact Phil below if you would like your tractor to be on the FFA display at Malvern
For more details contact: PHIL GIBSON 07713 251155
3rd - 4th and 5th June Newby Hall, Ripon
Contact Phil below if you would like your tractor to be on the FFA display at Newby Hall
For more details contact: PHIL GIBSON 07713 251155


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