The Newark Show was held on a very wet & windy Saturday 8th & a bit dryer Sunday 9th November.

This didn't seem to deter the crowds as on with their waterproofs and in they came.
The FFA Marquee was in a good  central location,at the end of a main drag and near the Massey-Ferguson Themed show building, which also housed some very nice Fordsons. We were also near the General Tractor Display and the Heritage Sheds. More photos later as I found some of the displays and collections in the Heritage shed amazing.
The show had a very good variety of exhibitions, displays and vehicles. Below are a few that caught my eye while wandering around.
A superb Overland Landrover & tent with a wood burner to keep you warm!!
1955 Austin Loadstar.
(Txt is restoration photoframe below:)
This lorry was originaly used by the BBC as an outside broadcast generator unit. It was one of a series of 10 lorries with consecutive number plates but is believed to be the only one remaining. It was used during
Sir. Winston Churchill's funeral and the World Cup in 1966. It was used many times before being withdrawn in 1968. It was nicknamed "Thumper" because of the noise it made when the generator was running.
Owners & Restored by:Mr & Mrs. B.J Morgan
Inside the Massey-Ferguson Themed Building

....with a few Fordsons.....
        1977 Ford 4600 Ownerd by : Mr. D Stephson
MF with a Taskers front mounted carrier box
1971 MF 1080 4 wheel drive fitted with a 5.2 ltr 4 cylinder.
An absaloute Monser of a tractor
Inside the Main Tractor & Exhibition building.

The range of displays here was fantastic and it seemed to have everyone's interest, whether it was tractors, models, Perkins engines or WW1 . Enjoy the photos below as this will give you just some idea of the varied displays.
Model Display Area: WW1
Designed & built in Lincoln at William Forester's Works as an instrument to "shorten" the war of 1914-18.
It provided mobility too & from the front line trenches.
Length: 32' 6" with tail wheels attached - Width: in fighting trim 13' 9" - Weight: 28 tons
Main weapons: 6lb Hotchkiss & 6lb QF guns - Power: Daimler 105 hp 6 Cylinder Petrol engine
Nuffield 10/60 & Plough  - Massey Harris Bailer - MF Combine
Superb ... all hand made.
Perkins Engines Display

P6 Engine
Introduced in 1937 the Perkins P6 engine was really responsible for establishing the "Perkins" name in the Diesel Industry. It was first designed to be used in trucks, but soon caught on and was used in many of the Marine, Industrial & Agricultural equipment / vehicles of the time.
Fordson E27N with 1949 factory fitted P6 engine
L4 Engine
Whilst in 1952 Ford produced it's own Diesel / TVO / Petrol engines. This earned a good reputation for reliability it only churned out 38bhp, where as the Perkins (TA) Diesel Conversion kit increased the power output to 54 bhp.
I know Dave ... yes we all love a bit of extra HP!!
Confused .com ?? Dave & Rod explaining the basic's to Hazel
1952 Fordson E1A with a Perkins L4 (TA) diesel conversion.
P3.144 Engine
The Perkins P3.144 was introduced in 1957 as a successor to the very popular P3 engine.
It featured timming gears instead of chain & a flange mounted fuel injection pump. It still used the  "Areoflow" combustion chamber design, which proved to be very popular. The P3.144 was mainly used for Agricultural & Industrial engines.
A Fantastic display of various Tractors for "ALL" to enjoy. 
Inside the Heritage Exhibition building

Again a fantastic range of tractors, Club Stands, Parts for Sale & Collections.
From Water Pumps to Wood Drills & Hammer/Pick  Heads
Heritage Show Section Winner2014 - The Ivel