South East Vintage Agricultural Club  Sept 2015 Fun Day.

Rodney & Myself arrived at Townings Farm, North Chailey for the South East Vintage Agricultural Club's September Fun Day.
As we wander through the farm buildings to the fields we noticed Sheep Shearing, WI ladies knitting items from the wool and the Farm Butchers, who were showing throughout the day , how they produced the different cuts of Lamb meat, which were all available to purchase if you wanted to in the fully stocked Farm shop...
As we entered the Fun day field there was, wood cutting machinery, wheat grinding and electrical stationary engines.
I liked the look of this set up .... 1916 Amanco "Hired Man" 2 1/4 HP open crank "Hit & Miss" Gasoline Engine
Imported from USA during WWI working together with a 1906 Corn Mill by Zacharia parkes Ltd, Birmigham.
Owned & Restored by Chris Page
Further around the field there were tractors of all models & makes, Harvest and general Agricultural machinery, aswell as Ploughing implements.
Ploughing took place futher down the field. The tractors ranged from a Holder AM2 pulling a single plough
To a Uni Mog pulling a 4 spade revesible plough, even though the Uni Mog didnt quite have enough hyaudralic lift to lift the plough setup clear off the ground, it still did a very impressive and powerfull plough and everyone enjoyed watching it.
SEVAC members were ploughing away through out the day and looked as if they were enjoying having a great relaxed Fun day
A 654 Super 4 County having a rest after working away...Superb Beast.
Rodney Gibson & Tony Patten - "Remanising" !!
Blimey Rodney I remember when I was......... ??
Words & Photos : Ernie & Rodney Gibson
Click Link below to view South East Vintage Agricaultural Club's Website. It is a good Club that has plenty of events and visits many show through out the year.