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The Ford & Fordson Association was founded in 2004 by Kelsey Publishing. With their encouragement the Club became fully independent in 2016. The Ford & Fordson Association is your Club, and its success is totally the result of its members support and hard work. Make no mistake it is wholly reliant on your backing and without it, it would cease to exist. That is not to say it is all work and no play, both members and those on the committee alike enjoy friendships built up over the years, meeting likeminded people at shows, road runs, ploughing matches and other events. Not to mention the immensely valuable information freely available to members on virtually any subject from a particular technical problem to where to track down an elusive part.

Committee members do not receive expenses for traveling to events or sustenance, they are only reimbursed for direct ‘out of pocket’ expenditure on the Club’s behalf such as stationery and postage. This is why, even before Covid, we held committee meetings at shows to reduce travelling costs and in the restricted period by zoom. It is also why we decided to move the AGM, with members agreement, to a show event to encourage member attendance and thereby reduce costs too.

As the cost of living rises and global warming becomes undeniable, we are all under pressure to reduce consumption. Fuel is particularly expensive and in future the Club will attend less events that have several of the committee present. This will mean that if you wish the Club to have a stand at your favourite show you must speak to your local representative to organise it, or simply consider doing it yourself. Often, I expect, committee members will also be there and will certainly make materials available for the event. In some areas this is already happening and works very well, but there is no doubt this will become the new normal. With increasing membership numbers and an excellent magazine, your Club’s future is bright and with your continuing help and support the Club will flourish, BUT your involvement is crucial. If, as a Club member, you wish to become a representative in your home county, please contact our secretary.

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