Spring Tractor World Show on 25th - 26th February at Malvern

.......and the weather was about the warmest that I can remember, a real bonus. I am pleased to say that the show was very busy and despite the threat of storm Doris plus, in my view, the rather over the top warnings of damaging gale force winds, it had little affect either on exhibitors or on the public's attendance, we are built of sterner stuff. I was disappointed that after the upheaval caused last year by the re-roofing of the Wye Hall the new cladding, although looking smarter, is not insulated as we had been led to believe, so don't leave your coats at home next year.

The Club had an excellent display of tractors. Jonathan Boaz's splendid 1929 Standard Fordson fitted with a Trackson D crawler conversion coupled to an Adams No 2 Patrol road grader, greeted the public to the stand and won the Club's award for the best unrestored tractor.

Other gems on show was a line up of Fordson F's that included Edwin Hughes's model of 1919 that won the award for our judge's favourite. Tim Pearman's three mighty Muir Hills certainly made an impressive group.

Tony Wyslocky's wonderfully restored Ford 3000 4WD was the Club's choice for best in show.

I must say that I found William Evans's 1946 2N fitted with a Perkins P3 fascinating, one sees photos of these but very rarely one in the flesh.

The Club was in the usual place in the top Wye Hall again; we had one end of the building with an area along the back wall in the other end.

Members excelled themselves bringing some really interesting and varied tractors ranging from 1918 until nearly the end of Ford's tractor production. The arrangement works very well, there really was lots for everyone to see including Nick Bryne's cut away E27N engine.

Andrew Green's motorised Dexta gearbox.

and new committee member Peter Mitchem's shed
sheltering Edward Price's N. 
The Ford & Fordson Association was awarded the First Prize for the best Club stand from T & M's editor at the show for the third year running.
Make no mistake, it's the members who are responsible for this success, the award is earned by the excellent range and quality of the tractors they bring to the show and the hard work that we all put in to create the display. We claim to be a Club run by the members for the members and there can surely be no clearer proof that this is the case.

On the Sunday the Club's Annual General Meeting was held in the Friesian Hall, a little later than planned due to the main show's prize giving. It is the third year that the AGM has been held at the show and the reports given at the meeting are available to view on our website including the accounts for the year which, I'm pleased to say are in a very healthy state. The Committee's hard work over the last four years or so have put the Club into a sound financial position. Other business conducted was the re-election of retiring committee members and we are delighted to welcome Lin Prince and Peter Mitchem to the committee. Some minor changes to the Club's Constitution were required as a result of the changes approved at last year's AGM, due to the altered relationship with Kelsey Publishing. They were approved and the amended document may also be viewed on the website.

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Word & Photos - Pat Pawsey

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