Ford & Fordson had a cracking weekend at Tractor World on 24th and 25th February winning first prize for the Best Club Stand in the show for the fourth year running. 

On top of that Nick Bryne's immaculate Fordson F won the show prize for the
"Best Vintage Tractor up to 1939" and if that was not enough Tony Wyslocky's lovely 4WD Dexta was awarded the show prize for "The Best Original Tractor from 1952 to 1964".
Three prizes in one show is an achievement any club should to be proud of .But make no mistake it's the members and their exhibits and enthusiasm that make it happen - so thank all who took part and contributed to make this our best display at Malvern ever.
Of course, as is our custom we awarded our own prizes.  Mr Steven Hodge won "Best in Show" for his 7000, it was a pity that it was rather poked away in a corner but that was not our choice.

The Club's prize for the "Best Unrestored" was awarded to Jonathan Boaz for his Morris Commercial that resided in Peter and Luke's shed, although not a Fordson product Jonathan and his brother can always be relied on to produce an interesting exhibit. 

The Judges favourite this year broke the mould and was awarded to three exhibits grouped together as they made such a wonderful display.  They comprised of Peter & Lyn Nuttley's new display flanked by Nick's Fordson F to one side and the Harris Bros's Fordson F Half Track on the other, it certainly caught the public's attention.

The Club's A G M was held in the Friesian Hall on Sunday following the Show prize giving and was well attended; there will be a fuller report of the show in the next issue of the magazine.

Show Prize Winners:
Rodney Gibson receiving the FFA's prize for "The Best Club Stand"
from Scott Lambert.
  Nick & Pat Bryne with his award for "Best Vintage Tractor pre 1935"
  Nick & Pat Bryne with his award for "Best Vintage Tractor pre 1935"

FFA Prize Winners:

Peter Nutley with the Harris Bros awarder "Judges Favourite"

Ken awarding Jonathan Boaz the prize for Best Unrestored"

Steven Hodge receiving the prize for "Best in Show"
for his 7000

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