2018 July

Kent County Show

The Kent County & Heritage Show on the 6th - 8th July 2018

I know I say this every year but..... The effort by the Team & Committee members here at Kent Showground to get this show from a general run of the mill over priced county show with loads of market "toot" stalls & companies that wern't even based in Kent selling their wares into a really good
 " What goes on in Kent County & Heritage show" is working very well.
Nearly all the stalls, exhibitors, clubs, fairground rides were from Kent. The tractors, cars, lorries were either built or had their working life in Kent.
Now my views have been said it's time for a wander around the Show...........
As you know 2018 is the Centenary of the end of WW1 and the show had......... ‘The Kent Spitfire’ which is a MK9 TA805 with the No. 234 Squadron colours. The aircraft flies in memory of No. 131 (County of Kent) Fighter Squadron. The Kent Spitfire completed an exciting display over the Kent Showground on all three Show days.
Bronze Centenary Soldier with poppies cascade & The Household Cavalry Musical Ride ( 10:30am & 3pm in the main area ) and a superb  poppy display in the Gardeners tent.

World War I Display

The beautiful "Poppy Blankets" that had all the popies hand knitted and sewn on by the ladies of Stockbury W.I 

War Time Gardens

Household Cavalry Musical Ride in Main Arena

and the final flag run out....a superb display

There was a good display down in the Crafty section

There was a good display down in the Crafty section

Ice cream time for the FFA Crew.......Rodney, Chris, Luke & Peter

This year is the 100th year of the Marshall tractor and the Marshall's had a good turn out.

This Case tractor won the Rodney Gibson award at this years show.

The reason Rod gave me was " it is so un-restored and original it's beautiful.
These two Rollers caught my eye......
Bareford & Perkins 2.5 Tonne Pioneer
Originally Built in 1930. It was purchased by its present owner Robert Deards and his son as side rails,engine, gearbox,radiator,front rolls and rear axle.... oh and a box of parts. Everything else was manufatured from original plans supplied by the Road Roller Association.

Pattisson & Co Ltd Mark 3 Roller

Manufactured around 1898. This was also restored by Robert Deards together with his son ( & daughter) to a very high standard. The paint & finish detail on both these rollers was superb.
A Big thank you & Well Done & Thanks to Detling Showground Committee / Lucy Hegarty & Amy / Bernard & Steve Pike / Rodney Gibson for all listening and getting it back to a Kent County & Heritage Show.
Next year the Kent County Show will be celebrating a milestone, our 90th Show on 5th, 6th & 7th July 2019, Come and see what going on for you then ?
Words & Photos - Ernie

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2018 Tractor

Tractor World

Ford & Fordson had a cracking weekend at Tractor World on 24th and 25th February winning first prize for the Best Club Stand in the show for the fourth year running. 

On top of that Nick Bryne's immaculate Fordson F won the show prize for the
"Best Vintage Tractor up to 1939" and if that was not enough Tony Wyslocky's lovely 4WD Dexta was awarded the show prize for "The Best Original Tractor from 1952 to 1964".
Three prizes in one show is an achievement any club should to be proud of .But make no mistake it's the members and their exhibits and enthusiasm that make it happen - so thank all who took part and contributed to make this our best display at Malvern ever.
Of course, as is our custom we awarded our own prizes.  Mr Steven Hodge won "Best in Show" for his 7000, it was a pity that it was rather poked away in a corner but that was not our choice.

The Club's prize for the "Best Unrestored" was awarded to Jonathan Boaz for his Morris Commercial that resided in Peter and Luke's shed, although not a Fordson product Jonathan and his brother can always be relied on to produce an interesting exhibit. 

The Judges favourite this year broke the mould and was awarded to three exhibits grouped together as they made such a wonderful display.  They comprised of Peter & Lyn Nuttley's new display flanked by Nick's Fordson F to one side and the Harris Bros's Fordson F Half Track on the other, it certainly caught the public's attention.

The Club's A G M was held in the Friesian Hall on Sunday following the Show prize giving and was well attended; there will be a fuller report of the show in the next issue of the magazine.

Show Prize Winners:
Rodney Gibson receiving the FFA's prize for "The Best Club Stand"
from Scott Lambert.
  Nick & Pat Bryne with his award for "Best Vintage Tractor pre 1935"
  Nick & Pat Bryne with his award for "Best Vintage Tractor pre 1935"

FFA Prize Winners:

Peter Nutley with the Harris Bros awarder "Judges Favourite"

Ken awarding Jonathan Boaz the prize for Best Unrestored"

Steven Hodge receiving the prize for "Best in Show"
for his 7000

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2017 Heritage

Kent Heritage

Kent Heritage Show 2017

On The F.F.A stand we had a "Fantastic 3 F Display", which marked the Centenary of this Fordson model off to a T.....or F should I say???

This Superb Kent event was held on Saturday 1st April at The Kent County Showground, Detling near Maidstone.

Again Rodney Gibson & his Freinds pulled in rare and beautiful tractors to be on the F.F.A Centenary Stand here. Clive Munrow's 1918 Hercules engined MOM which has not been outside for 45 years and "never" shown before, Nick Bullock's narrow 1923 F Model, Nick Hanks 1924 model F, Ian Prince's 1960 Ind Major fitted with a Cooke 2 speed winch & Cameron garden reloader to name but a few in the FFA display area.

Anyway more about these later as it was time to go forth and wander about the vehicles, exhibits and Club Stands that were set up here.

Maidstone Model Engineering Society showing their high detail in fabricating their steam engines.

1956 Cyclemaster which was made in England using a BSA bicycle frame. It has 32cc - 0.8hp - 25:1 petrol mix - 20/25mph and a fuel capacity of 230 miles.
The electic lights were 6 volts, so not to bright...This was one of my show favourites.......

Mopeds, Lambretta's, Vintage & Classic British, Japaneese motorcycles were all here on display.

Outside in the sunshine were the Vehicles & Commercials Displays

Modern back end with a Classic Cab BMC ...I think this works nicely together.

Of course the great variety of Buses here each year, taking passengers for free rides around the County Showground vast area were really good fun not only for our grandkids but us aswell.

On my way back to the FFA stand for a cuppa.... I noticed this 1946 Garrett BMB Ploughmate.

It has a 6hp single cylinder Coburn petrol engine and spent most of its working life at Fawkham Green, Longfield, Kent. This is a very rare piece of history as only 3 were made and this one was exhibited in the Royal Smithfield Agricultural Show of 1946.

After my cuppa it was time to gather the information of these rare beauties that were adorning the FFA Stand......

1924 Model F owned by Nick Hanks

This model F was brought back from France and mechanically rebuilt by Cox and Turner, then sold onto an Essex collector by the name of Billy Woods, who showed it at various shows and events for a few years.
Purchased by Nick approx 5-6 yrs ago after Bill put his collection into Cheffins. We shown it at various events in the South East and Essex as part of the Hanks collection.

1918 Hercules engined MOM Owned by Clive Munrow

This tractor was manufactured in early 1918 by Henry Ford & Son at Dearborn, Michigan, USA. It was part of an order by the British Government during WW1 under contract for the Ministry of Munitions to mechanize farming to increase food production. Believed to be part of the order shipped to the UK in kit form and assembled at the Ministry of Munititons Agricultural Tractor Factory , Trafford Park, Manchester. This may explain why the tractor serial number of 4071 is missing from the Official tractor records.

MOM Tractors as they have become know, have certain features that are different to and predate Henry Ford's highly successful Fordson Model F tractor.
This MOM tractor was issued with a Kent Registeration of KE 8751 when first registered in 1922.

Above Words & Photos - Clive Munrow

The MOM was stored / left in above shed in a field for 20 years and Clive has had it for 25 years.It has never been at an event or shown to the public for what he can remember being at least 45 years.

1924 Fordson Vineyard Model F

The model F tractor under went many alterations in it's years of production from late 1918 until it's end of model in 1927/28. The N model was then evolved and produced in Dagenham England.

This tractor is a production model from 1924, made in Michigan USA with the modified Holley 295 manifold and twin filler fuel tank. It was supplied new to a Ford dealership in Toulouse France where it was converted to a narrow wheel base for use in the areas vineyards by shotening the axle drive shafts, recasting shorter axle castings and forging the steering rods. We know this modification took place because the tractor underwent mechanical renovation and it's hidden history were embroiled upon the cork maretial of the gasket. Upon research the address found was indeed once a Ford dealership and a Foundry before WWII.

Over time and events in history this tractor worked it's way eastwards across France, where it was found by an agricultural dealer in Bastogne in the 1990's. The tractor was put into his Ford dealership showroom along side a 1918 model.

The present owner bought it from the above Gentleman in 2006 and brought it on it's last leg of mobile history to England, were over a long period of time it under went an intensive mechanical overhaul. The engine was siezed solid and was rebuilt using as many of the original parts as possible, the gearbox was rebuilt
using new bearings and seals. A replacement bronze crown wheel and worm drive had to be located for the differential, as the original was unuseable.

In 2014 in it's 90th year, it started and ran for the first time in many years....

For those interested in history........

In 1914 the German army massed a counter attack on the allied forces advacnce in the area of Bastonge France which got it's name "The Battle of the Bulge".
Now if items could tell a story please look at the bullet hole in the drivers seat and the use of a Scintilla magneto usually found on tank engines of this period.... interesting is'nt it...

Thank you for taking the time to read the history of this 1924 Model F Vineyard tractor and i hope you enjoyed it as much as I have bringing it back to life....

Above History & Words - Present Owne

There was a constant flow of enthusiasts coming in through the gate all day and the FFA stand was a busy HQ for tractor chat..... many, many cups of T & cake thanks to our ladies - Wendy Gibson & Lin Prince....... Ol'Boys laughing and remembering yesteryears.
A Brilliant show and already ticked in my 2018 calander.
Word & Photos - Rodney Gibson & Ernie

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2017 January 2

Isle of Wight Road Run

Isle of Wight Road Run 2017

The Isle of Wight 5th Annual Charity Road Run was held on Saturday January 7th.

The day dawned overcast with a bit of mist over the Downs but it was largely dry for the event. We set off from the Eight Bells at Carisbrooke with some drivers fortified by their excellent breakfast.

The route took us around Newport to Downend where we joined the Downs Road to Duxmore Farm. We went off-road through the farm and re-joined the highway at Rowlands Lane. Heading off to Upton and thence to Ashey crossing the main road and stopping at Nunwell Dairy for a cup of tea. Our thanks to Paul Trickle for arranging this.

After tea, we set off towards Ryde passing by a well- known supermarket and all the exiting shoppers! Turning off to Park Farm with another offroad stretch re-joining the highway at Attrills Lane, St. Helens. A very pleasant run through St Helens up to the Ryde, then back to Newport over the Downs but sadly the mist was down so the beautiful views could not be appreciated.

A total of 41 tractors took part in the run with all finishing. It was a real pleasure to see more of the younger generation becoming involved. There was a good selection of Ford and Fordson models including a very tidy 7840SE and an E27N.

Michael Milsom - Fordson Major Diese

Phil Morley - Ford 5000

Eddie James enjoying his Pre Force 4000

Steve Fosberry -TW35

Rob Barnes - Fordson Dexta

Steve Redfern - Ford 7000

Jack Redfern - 7840 SLE

Rob Barnes - Fordson Dexta

Others makes represented were Dutra, JCB, McCormick, Minneapolis Moline, Allis Chalmers. David Brown was well represented and, of course, Fergies and MF's and a sole John Deere 6310 took part.

We are able to send a donation of £225 to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance and a further donation of £220 to the Isle of Wight Branch of the Osteoporosis Society.
The organisers would like to thank all those who took part, onlookers and well-wishers, landowners who allowed us to cross their land and to the Police for their kind co-operation.

The next Christmas Road Run is scheduled for Wednesday 27th December 2017.

Photos & Words: David Lemonius our Isle of Wight F.F.A Representative

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2017 February

Spring Tractor World

Spring Tractor World Show on 25th - 26th February at Malvern

.......and the weather was about the warmest that I can remember, a real bonus. I am pleased to say that the show was very busy and despite the threat of storm Doris plus, in my view, the rather over the top warnings of damaging gale force winds, it had little affect either on exhibitors or on the public's attendance, we are built of sterner stuff. I was disappointed that after the upheaval caused last year by the re-roofing of the Wye Hall the new cladding, although looking smarter, is not insulated as we had been led to believe, so don't leave your coats at home next year.

The Club had an excellent display of tractors. Jonathan Boaz's splendid 1929 Standard Fordson fitted with a Trackson D crawler conversion coupled to an Adams No 2 Patrol road grader, greeted the public to the stand and won the Club's award for the best unrestored tractor.

Other gems on show was a line up of Fordson F's that included Edwin Hughes's model of 1919 that won the award for our judge's favourite. Tim Pearman's three mighty Muir Hills certainly made an impressive group.

Tony Wyslocky's wonderfully restored Ford 3000 4WD was the Club's choice for best in show.

I must say that I found William Evans's 1946 2N fitted with a Perkins P3 fascinating, one sees photos of these but very rarely one in the flesh.

The Club was in the usual place in the top Wye Hall again; we had one end of the building with an area along the back wall in the other end.

Members excelled themselves bringing some really interesting and varied tractors ranging from 1918 until nearly the end of Ford's tractor production. The arrangement works very well, there really was lots for everyone to see including Nick Bryne's cut away E27N engine.

Andrew Green's motorised Dexta gearbox.

and new committee member Peter Mitchem's shed
sheltering Edward Price's N. 
The Ford & Fordson Association was awarded the First Prize for the best Club stand from T & M's editor at the show for the third year running.
Make no mistake, it's the members who are responsible for this success, the award is earned by the excellent range and quality of the tractors they bring to the show and the hard work that we all put in to create the display. We claim to be a Club run by the members for the members and there can surely be no clearer proof that this is the case.

On the Sunday the Club's Annual General Meeting was held in the Friesian Hall, a little later than planned due to the main show's prize giving. It is the third year that the AGM has been held at the show and the reports given at the meeting are available to view on our website including the accounts for the year which, I'm pleased to say are in a very healthy state. The Committee's hard work over the last four years or so have put the Club into a sound financial position. Other business conducted was the re-election of retiring committee members and we are delighted to welcome Lin Prince and Peter Mitchem to the committee. Some minor changes to the Club's Constitution were required as a result of the changes approved at last year's AGM, due to the altered relationship with Kelsey Publishing. They were approved and the amended document may also be viewed on the website.

FFA AGM Details
Contact details of FFA Committee Members

Word & Photos - Pat Pawsey

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2017 January

Somerset Vintage Classic Tractor Show

The Somerset Vintage & Classic Tractor Show held on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th January 2017:

Record crowds of tractor enthusiasts flocked to the Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th January for the annual Somerset Vintage & Classic Tractor Show.

Over 220 vintage and classic tractors and implements were on display at this indoor event. There was a very impressive display of nearly 100 Ford and Fordson tractors.

As 2017 is the 100-year anniversary of Fordson tractors, the display included two 1917 Fordson model 'F's and many more models from each decade of production. The organisers were grateful to TH Whites, from Frome for bringing the oldest 1917 model and the latest 2017 New Holland tractor.

Many other makes were also on display, including Fergusons, Massey Fergusons, David Browns, John Deere and Field Marshalls. The Ford & Fordson Association attended for the first time and had a very successful time.

The popular auction, which included vintage and classic tractors, spares, engines, together with implements, etc. was held on Saturday by HJ Pugh, Ledbury. There were also plenty of trade stands selling tractor and implements, agricultural spares, books, model tractors, etc.

1990 Ford 7810 owned by Geoff Mills

Ford 1000 owned by C Stuckey

1982 Roadless 980 owned by M Mitchell

1958 Fordson Dexta owned by A Westlake

1994 Ford 8240 owned by M Mancini - 1982 Ford TW20 owned by M Evans & 1994 County 1184-40 owned by T McLean

1972 Ford 7000 owned by G Farmer

1944 Fordson Standard road roller owned by G Sage

This year's show raised over £8,000 for local charities including: £4,000 to the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance and £3,000 to Dorothy House Hospice.

Words & Photos - Nick & Pat Bryne

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2016 July


Dacorum 10th Anniversary Steam & Country Fayre was held on 26-27th July 2016 at Potten End in Hertfordshire.

This show has now raised over £126,000 in aid of the Hospice of St Francis.

It was opened by Alison Allard from the Hospice and the Hon Mike Penning, Minister of State and MP for Hemel Hempstead.

Over Sixty tractors were present, with a good number & variety of Ford and Fordson's present - Power Majors, Forson Majors, Fordon 3000 Force, Super Dexters, EIA Diesels, Roadless Super Major and Standard N’s.

Also we had the Beast of Markyate, a 1967 County 1124 owned by Dick Trott of Markyate. This tractor has been ferrying people from the car park to the arena for the last nine years, how many thousands I don’t know!

After speaking to the committee of the show I am hoping that next year we will have a designated area just for Ford and Fordson exhibitors. I would ask all owners of Ford and Fordson to put the date in your diaries to support this new venture.
Last year’s show was rained off after one day. Still, over £6000 was raised. After this year’s show, with thousands turning out each day, we will hope for a major donation to the charity.

I should mention here a great “Well Done” to all the tractor people who made this event possible.

Words & Photos - John Worley - Hertfordshire Area Rep.

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2016 June

St.Albans Country Show

St Albans Country Show, Oaklands College. 5th & 6th June 2016

This year's show was better organised and a very friendly one. The entry of Ford and Fordson was extremely good, with 22 from a total of 58 entries.

Saturday was overcast, but I understand was enjoyed by all. However, on Sunday the weather changed and suntan lotion was needed! It was very sunny and hot, with queues to all the catering vans. There were 2 Fordson Standards, 10 Fordson Majors, and 5 Dexters.

As you can see from the photos, there was a very impressive line-up with most tractors presented well, with a couple in concourse condition.
The tractors which stood out to me were a Ford County 1124 owned by E Hill, and a Super Major with cab, owned by Jack Vickary.  When speaking to him about the cab, he was not sure where it originated or who built it.
Then there was a Super Major Doe 180 (1975), owned by Mike Sanders. Perhaps the best turnout was a Ford 2000 (1966) owned by Dick Trott.

Next year's show will be the first weekend in June. I would suggest you enter the date in your diaries -it's well worth a visit.

Words & Photos - J Worley - Hertfordshire FFA Area Rep.

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2016 May

Dutch Open Day

Dutch Ford & Fordson Day 2016

Saturday 21 May we had the Dutch Ford and Fordson day. It was the first time we had this in the Netherlands.

The show was held in Museum Boerderij Duurswold Slochteren. The organization was done by the Oude Trekker en Motoren Vereniging, Ford en Fordson Club Nederland, Lanbouw Miniaturen Club Nederland and me

The Dutch FFA representative. Over 56 owners came to show there tractors all in all we had 80 tractors on the site.
The weather was good and a large crowd came to see the tractors.
In the hall there were clubstands, models, continuous old film performance and of course the catering.
In the afternoon we had an track for in the Netherlands we say ringsteken and afterwards the parade.

Most of the tractors came in the ring and Mr Johan Tempelman told a little history of every tractor. About five o clock the tractor drivers and the spectators went home with a smile on there faces.

Best Regards
Words & Photos: Gerard Schoenmakers / Dutch FFA Represantative

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2016 February

Tractor World

The Tractor World Show at Malvern's Three Counties ShowGround 27th & 28th February 2016

The Opener for the rally season, was earlier this year and was held on 27th and 28th of February and fortunately the weather was not too cold and thankfully dry.

The show was larger than on previous years as the Severn Hall was included as an additional indoor venue that, on the plus side allowed more space to better display exhibits throughout all the other halls but also necessitated more walking. There was, for the first time a commercial vehicle display. However unfortunately the Wye hall where we were was still uninsulated but hopefully, next year this work will have been completed to everyone's benefit. 
These events do require a lot effort to make them successful and without the hard work of members both to build and man the stand and to bring their tractors they just would not happen.  A vote of thanks is due to all those who exhibited or helped put on the Club's display; it is all done at their own expense.
We were also fortunate to have Jonathan Boaz's lovely Fordson N that interestingly had the names of land army girls who had driven the tractor during the war years scratched on the block; he is trying to trace them or their relatives.
It was deservedly the winner of the prize "The best original tractor in the show" it was also the centre
of Peter Nutley's excellent wartime display that was judged by our members to be the best exhibit on the stand.
Members also picked Chris Tranter's County Super 6 as the tractor they would like to take home and John Bufton's Roadless Ploughmaster 80 as the best unrestored on the stand.
The Clubs Annual General Meeting was held at midday on Sunday in the Friesian Hall. The accounts were presented by Jane Broomhall our treasurer, they were unanimously approved and a copy of them is available on the Club's website together with the treasurer's and chairman's reports and the minutes of the meeting.  These minutes are obviously in draft form until formally adopted by those present at the next AGM.  If any member without access to the internet would like a copy I will be pleased to send them one on request if I receive a large self addressed stamped envelope.
There was plenty to see and talk about, Tom Falconer's 'working' 4000 cut away drew a steady crowd of admirers, Tom has done a lot of work to it since last year and it is now very smart, even if it does still squeak.
Tim Peraman's FW 30 is a serious piece of kit and was certainly imposing standing at the top of the ramp into the hall.
There was the very interesting American Ford N fitted with a P3 belonging William Evans and there are not many of those about, actually this is the only one I have ever seen.  Nick Bryne's very smart N industrial was on display and many others.  However it was surprising that this year we did not have a single E27N major nor an F and more 1000 series tractors than usual, is this a sign of things to come?
On a sad note I have to report that Gordon Saunders from Powick died on 11th February 2016.
Gordon was seventy-eight and a regular exhibitor at Tractor World.  Many of you will recall him fondly and his NP Super Major that had clocked up over 11,000 hours working in his contracting business and was subsequently lovingly restored.
He always bought a carpet to stand it on adorned with pot plants and was a previous
Club winner of Best in Show.
Words & Photos - Pat Pawsey & Ian Prince

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